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Innovative Therapists John and Julie Gottman, By Don Crowe, Ph.D.

As a licensed clinical psychologist and practitioner of the Gottman method in couples therapy, it is helpful to provide a bit of background on the married couple, both therapists, who created the techniques that bear their name.

Dr. John Gottmann, who has worked with thousands of couples during his 40-plus years in practice, is recognized by Psychotherapy Networker Magazine among the top 10 of the past 25 years’ most influential therapists. A prolific author, he has published nearly 200 academic articles and more than 40 books.

Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman comes from a background of clinical psychology. She supervises a  study titled “Couples Together Against Violence.” She has authored or co-authored several books, was awarded Washington State Psychologist of the Year, and is recognized by her peers for work with couples in distress due to illness, substance abuse, and/or as survivors of trauma or abuse.

Together, the Gottmans created Gottman Couples Therapy and founded The Gottman Relationship Institute in Seattle, Washington.

About the Author:

Don Crowe, Ph.D., has practiced psychotherapy since 1975. He is based in Orinda, California.