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Local Organization Provides Critical Funds for Orinda Public Schools

An experienced clinical psychologist, Donald Crowe, PhD, has been in practice in Orinda, California, since 1975. Outside of his professional pursuits, Don Crowe, PhD, supports his community through such nonprofit organizations as the Educational Foundation of Orinda (EFO).

Composed of parents and community members like Don Crowe, PhD, the EFO works to provide financial support for educational and enrichment programs in Orinda public schools. The EFO was established in 1979 and partners with Orinda Union School District and Miramonte High School in its efforts to supplement state funding for the purpose of keeping Orinda schools nationally competitive.

Today, the EFO provides financial support that directly affects students in kindergarten through the 12th grade. In fact, EFO funds are currently covering 100 percent of all visual and performing arts programs at Miramonte High School. For the 2013-2014 school year alone, the EFO has committed $500,000 to Miramonte, which will be used to fund additional courses in English, as well as jazz band, mixed chorus, and digital photography. The EFO also supports a number of student programs and electives at Miramonte, including library and college counseling.


Innovative Therapists John and Julie Gottman, By Don Crowe, Ph.D.

As a licensed clinical psychologist and practitioner of the Gottman method in couples therapy, it is helpful to provide a bit of background on the married couple, both therapists, who created the techniques that bear their name.

Dr. John Gottmann, who has worked with thousands of couples during his 40-plus years in practice, is recognized by Psychotherapy Networker Magazine among the top 10 of the past 25 years’ most influential therapists. A prolific author, he has published nearly 200 academic articles and more than 40 books.

Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman comes from a background of clinical psychology. She supervises a  study titled “Couples Together Against Violence.” She has authored or co-authored several books, was awarded Washington State Psychologist of the Year, and is recognized by her peers for work with couples in distress due to illness, substance abuse, and/or as survivors of trauma or abuse.

Together, the Gottmans created Gottman Couples Therapy and founded The Gottman Relationship Institute in Seattle, Washington.

About the Author:

Don Crowe, Ph.D., has practiced psychotherapy since 1975. He is based in Orinda, California.

“A Look at California’s Employee Assistance Program,” by Don Crowe, PhD

Employees of the State of California and their dependents can benefit from the Employee Assistance Program. Many people face issues in their home or on the job that can affect work performance and personal habits. To enhance well-being and improve productivity, California’s Managed Health Network offers the Employee Assistance Program for free to qualified individuals.

Comprised of a network of therapists, social workers, financial counselors, and licensed attorneys, the Employee Assistance Program enables people to get help for addictions to alcohol or substances, marital and family discord, and emotional and personal concerns in a confidential, objective, and secure setting. Clients can receive counseling face-to-face, over the telephone, or through web video. Additionally, managers with concerns over the job performance of members of their staff can formally refer employees to the program.

About Don Crowe, PhD: Based in Orinda, California, Dr. Donald Crowe uses his skills as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist to assist individuals, couples, and families. Involved with Oakland’s Employee Assistance Programs, Dr. Crowe functioned as a Field Clinician for Occupational Health Services and provided counseling to police officers and firefighters.