Through nearly four decades of professional service, Orinda, California-based clinical psychologist Donald Crowe, PhD, has helped individuals to overcome obstacles that prohibit their enjoyment of life to its fullest. Through the effective use of humanistic therapeutic techniques and cognitive behavior therapy, Dr. Crowe has guided many patients in discovering how to focus on their various strengths while de-emphasizing their shortcomings as a means of finding happiness.
Donald Crowe, PhD, earned a BA in Psychology from Wake Forest University in 1971 and his Doctor of Philosophy from North Carolina State University in 1975 with a primary focus on social and clinical psychology. He entered private practice in 1977. Not satisfied with limiting the use of his counseling skills to those he met through the course of his practice, Dr. Crowe has served in various additional capacities over the years. He lead a research project on the possible therapies for personality disorders (antisocial, paranoid, schizoid, etc.) at San Quentin Penitentiary and served as staff clinician. He also was a staff psychologist at Phoenix House in Concord, California, an experimental program working with schizophrenics and manic/depressives without the aid of medications.
Since 1981, Donald Crowe, PhD, has also served as a field clinician for Occupational Health Services, providing psychological services to policemen and firemen and specializing in treating post-traumatic stress, alcoholism, drug abuse, and depression.
His ongoing concern for the well-being of others has led Dr. Crowe to reach out through a variety of volunteer efforts, including providing free counseling to homeless individuals and paroled felons. He also trains Labrador dogs with his family and raises chickens as pets. Dr. Crowe’s nine-year-old daughter, whom he and his wife adopted from Guatemala when she was four months old, shares her father’s compassion for others, stating her intention to become a nurse when reaching adulthood.


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