International Adoptions in the 21st Century

Over the past decade, many Americans have adopted children from overseas. Recent statistics revealed that while only 7,000 children were adopted from outside of the United States in 1990, that number more than tripled by 2004. The report named China, Eastern Europe, and Guatemala as the three most popular regions where Americans adopted children.

A few reasons account for this change. Many career-minded people decide to have babies later in life and learn about infertility-related medical obstacles that make this process difficult or impossible. Additionally, parents who adopt from other countries are less likely to contend with birth parents seeking to reclaim a child. The celebrity factor played another important role as notables such as Angelina Jolie brought awareness to international adoption. Some credit China for opening its borders and allowing foreigners to adopt its thousands of baby girls in orphanages.

One couple that benefited from foreign adoption was Don Crowe, PhD, and his wife. A licensed clinical psychologist for more than three decades, Don Crowe, PhD, and his wife adopted Rose Marie Summer Crowe from Guatemala when she was four months old. In 2006, Diablo Magazine wrote about the Crowes in an article entitled “Love Without Borders.”


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